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Camisole Modus Vivendi Tanktop Basics Cotton Tank Top Khaki 02831 57

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€29,95 - €29,95
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Modus Vivendi Basics line provides the essentials of your wardrobe this season, giving you the basic pallet to build your holiday outfits the way you always imagined. The Modus Vivendi Basic Tanktop features a classic minimal design with a discreet Modus Vivendi label. This tank is super comfortable, ideal for streetwear, sportswear, or loungewear and it comes in all basic colors like black, white, marine blue, grey, and khaki. Made from super soft cotton fabric with elastane, this basic tank top has a slim fit cut, and classic style, and is the must-have basic fashion piece you need to pack for your holidays.
  • Cotton 95%
  • Full Elastane 5%
  • Washing machine:40 °C
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