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MODUS VIVENDI Jockstrap Metallic Yarns New Black Jock 01011 54

Ursprünglicher Preis €30,95 - Ursprünglicher Preis €30,95
Ursprünglicher Preis
€30,95 - €30,95
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it is shewed and shaped to emphasize rather than disguise.

The Modus Vivendi Armor Jockstrap, available in NEW black color along with the gold and silver

features a luxury semitransparent jock with a shiny matching waistband. This underwear is super sexy, offering minimal coverage with the Modus Vivendi logo on the waistband and a double layered pouch. 

The fabric used is unusual and made of knitted metallic yarns,this jockstrap is masculine and naughty, ideal for the man that is extremely virile, and is capable of achieving almost anything. 

Viscose 78%, Lurex 19%, Elastomero 3%

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