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Unique Modus Vivendi Brief LANGOT TWIN LOINCLOTH Greek Underwear Aqua 16513 6

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This is Sparta! Sparta-inspired underwear, that is. Totally unique, completely hot, and surprisingly comfortable to wear, the fabric of this Modus Vivendi loincloth molds to your body for a customized fit, unlike anything you've ever worn before.

Wondering how to wear this uniquely sexy garment? First, tie the strings in front around your waist, then pull the long fabric between your legs, from the back to the front. Next, wrap it underneath the waistband and then back through your legs a second time and tuck the end of the fabric into the rear waistband. The completed trunk has the sexy loincloth look of a Greek warrior, but with all the modern-day comforts you'd expect from a luxury brand of men's underwear.

Designer Features: Modus Vivendi logo tag on left waist
Fabric Content: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Care Instructions: Hand wash warm. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Iron low.
Made in Greece.
Modus Vivendi style 16513
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