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XL Modus Vivendi Brief Handcrafted Wide Black XL 05713 1

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€26,95 - €26,95
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The Modus Vivendi Handcrafted Brief is an accentuation of the iconic silhouette—utilizing the flair and sophistication so prevalent in Modus Vivendi while alluding to the brand’s rich cultural heritage. Featuring a striking use of metallic tones in both the waistband and the piping, the Handcrafted Brief espouses a lifestyle of luxury and desire, while retaining a sense of calmness and composure. 

The Cotton/Elastane blend expands on this feeling, allowing for a soft hand-feel, in turn providing effortless wear. The low-rise and the contoured pouch complement the form and feel, allowing for ample support and fit.

Low-rise fit with complete coverage
Soft hand-feel with moderate stretch
Contoured pouch to ensure support and fit
Thicker waistband with metallic, 2-tone logo design
95% Cotton/5% Elastane
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