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Modus Vivendi Boxer Briefs Luxury Soft Velvet Perforated Khaki 17821 4

Ursprünglicher Preis €37,95 - Ursprünglicher Preis €37,95
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€37,95 - €37,95
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Comfortable and rich the Jock line will shift the balance of powers in your favor. The Modus Vivendi Jock Boxer offers a brief boxer style in an intense design. Sophisticated, tasteful, and super comfortable!; The Jock Boxer elevates the color blogging style to an enriched artistic level and you can find it in grey/ khaki color or in a black /blue color, both with a narrow matching waistband. Made of soft perforated velvet fabric this boxer is ideal for sophisticated sports people or streetwear fashionistas.

Polyester 95%

Elastan 5%
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