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MASKULO Life 3D-Mesh Masks Upper Layer Stretchy Band Green Mesh AC042-18 33

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Ursprünglicher Preis
€19,95 - €19,95
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The first masks that do not press on your ears or change their shape. The masks were specially created for everyday wear and the stretchable band on the back of your neck allows wearing the masks without extra pressure. The backside band can be removed from the mask

They can be washed many times without losing their shape or original look. Perfectly suited to any Maskulo collection and everyday clothing. And of course, they are an awesome accessory.

 Made of cotton and see through-mesh the masks provide you with easy breathing and are comfortable to wear.


Cotton back covered by colored spandex with the see-through 3D-mesh upper layer

3  stripes in the center and color contour accentuation
Elastic adjustable ear straps and stretchable backside snapped strap
Material: polyester 60% cotton 40%

 Sizing: Adjustable. "One size fits all"
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