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MASKULO Boxer-Jock Combo Bottomless Youngero Mesh Red TR050-10 5

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€56,95 - €56,95
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Maskulo presents a new set of fetish underwear! Open rear trunks with brand new mesh codpiece made of 2 layers of mesh: an upper layer of 3D mesh creates an attractive shape, and an inner layer of thin colored mesh is soft and breathable keeping men's body parts in comfort. Shiny black leather-looking spandex draws attention expanding your masculinity around. Combine with the harnesses, masks, and armbands to get a complete look. Perfect for a male striptease or exotic dance performance. Open rear coquettishly shows your soft spots to the one you allow to!



Stretchable tight spandex;

2-layered codpiece: 3D-mesh upper layer and soft-colored mesh inner layer;

Colored spandex and mesh details;

Looks and feels like leather;

Open rear;

Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane;

Colors: Red

Tight fit - Our closest fitting gives you a feeling of compression.

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