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Mao USA Long Boxer Compression Mid-Cut Soft Comfy Boxers Burg 1113.4 10

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MAO USA 1113.4 

VERY COMFORTABLE AND SOFT - Mao Usa Boxer Briefs wont ride up when used. They are perfect for work as daily use underwear.

GOOD QUALITY AND GREAT FIT - Your Husband will love them. Mao Usa Boxer brief is made with top quality materials since they are 93% cotton and 7% elastane. 
The flexible fabric will give you a great fit on your waist and leg.

BREATHABLE TO WEAR ALL DAY LONG - Wear mens Mao Usa clothing and feel fresh all day. Breathable fabric will make you feel light and dry, even under high temperatures.
FLAT SEAMS IN AND OUT - Mao boxers are designed with flat seams that do not cause any kind of irritation. Ideal for sensible skin to prevent chafing of the skin. 

The waistband is also covered to reduce compression and any possible discomfort.
PERFECT FOR TRAVEL AND WORK- Mao Boxer is perfect for traveling and long shifts on your work, specially if you have to be seated. Drivers and Pilots love them.

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