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Mao Sports Boxer Compression Shorts Mid-Cut MicroFibre Sportwear Gray 7021 3

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€25,95 - €25,95
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MAO USA 7021  

By far one of the most beautiful and comfortable sports compression underwear at an affordable price!
You buy 1! You'll buy them all as soon as you slip into them.
They are so well designed that you can easily wear them outdoors as cycling clothing and even for swimming.

Play strong and dry - Mao USA microfiber with Sportsec carries sweat to the outside for rapid moisture evaporation.
 Mesh that allows air to enter and maintains greater freshness when playing sports

Sporty and comfortable: comfortably practice your favorite sport
 The athletic design allows you to get your best performance
Compression front part with double fabric that will keep your male body parts in place reducing friction and temperature
Sports boxer with mesh Linner  layer on the front in different colors to enhance the design.

85% polyamide, 15% elastane - Knitted fabric (construction of the fabric that allows the prevention of cellulite - 5.1 cm elastane that allows greater grip to the body and does not slip during any type of exercise, details before made of rubber

Very good quality - Mao always works with the best fabrics to get the best product. Quality is our cover letter.

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