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Gregg Homme Thongs KAOS Mens Thong C-RINGED 04 28T

Ursprünglicher Preis €23,95 - Ursprünglicher Preis €23,95
Ursprünglicher Preis
€23,95 - €23,95
Aktueller Preis €23,95
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  • Mensunderwear company prowdly presents the unique brand New RETRO RE-DESIGNED AND SEXY KAOS FABRIC COLLECTION Thong 
  • Less is more with the Umax Thong SPEEDO CUT . A central Gregg Homme logo leads into semi-sheer soft  material, but the best part is a surprising, 
  • semi-concealed elastic ring that supports and engorges you to optimal show-off capacity!  Note we can remove the ring for you just ask at checkout.
Retails Price is set at 38.00$ USD 

But here pay in canadian curency  and save a bundle 

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Please take note:  Gregg homme are made in Canada, size is north american body frame. 
Most items will fit a size down or up . The fabric streatches nicely.

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