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MEDIUM ErgoWear Thongs Feel Modal Mens Tangas Silky Fabric White 0703 16

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The ErgoWear FEEL Modal Thong is made from raw yarn and cellulose, this renewable fabric brings a series of rarely seen benefits found only in this type of classy fabric. Shape retention, unrivaled silky feeling, and moisture-wicking properties set Modal apart from traditional pure-cotton fabrics. When you slide on a pair of FEEL Modal thongs you feel the difference. Modal fabric on this black thong makes the perfect underwear for intense workouts and warm weather. Its moisture-wicking material boasts a 50% higher absorption rate when compared to cotton. Helping you stay fresh all day while enjoying its silky feeling when rubbing against your skin.

Pouch: low-cut thong. 3-dimensional, rounded shape, lift effect, pouch size larger, no vertical seam, no liner.
Waistband Concealed, narrow elastic waistband, logo centered in front.
Fabric 90% modal and 10% elastane in a smooth blend. The look & feel is like
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