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ErgoWear Swimwear Feel Swim Mini Trunk Instant Mens Swimsuits 0850 9

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€53,95 - €53,95
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Have fun under the sun in one of our Mini Trunks or Bikinis, you’ll FEEL carefree & comfy every time you wear them. Every-Body will look & FEEL their best in one of these Mini Trunks, because of our 3-dimensional, half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch. No matter your size, comfort is guaranteed. Side panels in colorful prints have a visually slimming effect. The careful integration of both, garment design and fit can make any guy, big or small, look great in their Mini Trunk. Do you dare to try one of these?

Pouch: innovative front-enhancing half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch by Ergowear, you’ll FEEL comfortable and fully supported in this modern Mini Trunk
Waistband Concealed, narrow elastic waistband, black logo sewn in on side of the pouch, signature black drawstring with bullet end tips.
Fabric 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane, optimal yarn construction for water activities.
Care: For best long-term appearance retention always rinse in either cold water or ideally hand wash in lukewarm water after use to get rid of salt or chemicals.
Made in Chile
ErgoWear Style 0850
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