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Classic Jock BREEDWELL Jockstrap New School Woven Fabric Soft Pouch Camo-Black 8

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€23,95 - €23,95
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This is your new favorite and has you ready to impress your gym class when you bend over in the locker room "by accident"

Going back to school never looked so good. BREEDWELL’S NEW SCHOOL CLASSIC JOCK puts a modern twist on an old school favorite - the biker jock. The ones that got all sweaty after “practice.” Now you can relive those glory days in BREEDWELL style.

The NEW SCHOOL CLASSIC JOCK - pouch made of the same soft, woven, high-end fabrics as THE CUMDUMP -  has the BREEDWELL name in bold, aggressive print across the waistband. This is paired with a sexy PVC logo patch on the back and rectangular pattern.
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