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BREEDWELL Sexy Jock Manhole Collection Laser Cut Pouch Jockstrap White 18

Ursprünglicher Preis €26,95 - Ursprünglicher Preis €26,95
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€26,95 - €26,95
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BREEDWELL’S incredibly sexy new MANHOLE JOCKS



The jocks have a slightly skinnier waistband, the center of which features a raised, rubberized print contrasting with the interior fabric . On the back the BREEDWELL logo patch will catch the eye of anyone not already distracted by your back. The pouch - perfect for your men package- is made of a laser cut fabric 

The unique dot design just like the waistband, contrasts with the color of the interior fabric. The overall effect is graphic, textured, and hot.

S fits  28"-30"  /   M fits 30"-31"

L fits  32"-34"  /   XL fits 35"-36"


2XL fits 36"-40

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