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Boxer PUMP ACTIVATE SportBoy Double Layered Stretch Cotton 11100 P15

von PUMP!
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€23,95 - €23,95
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The ACTIVATE boxer brings out that post game energy to activate the rest of your day or night. Its cotton crotch keeps things cool while you’re heating things up.  It has a stretchy leg elastic to fit any leg size.  A double layered stretch cotton cup and sporty piping is soft and supports at the same time. Custom thermal pressed BOY insignia give it the pro-league look it deserves.

45mm wide cream/deep purple/retro teal striped waistband with white logo

Retro teal stretch cotton sides and backside with deep purple contrast baseball stitching

thermal printed BOY insignia on leg

Cream stretch cotton crotch from front to back

Deep purple stretchy leg elastics

Double layered Cream cotton cup with deep purple sporty micromesh support piping

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